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Multigenerational Family

What to Consider About Multigenerational Housing

That gingerbread Victorian showplace you’ve admired from afar with its multiple rooms and floors was probably built to house more than just the traditional nuclear family.
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5 Best Houseplants for a Windowsill Garden

If you have a windowsill with eastern or southern exposure, it’s a prime perch for an indoor garden.
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Eight Great – and Affordable – Landscaping Hacks

Could your yard use a minor makeover? These hacks can make a major difference – without spending a lot of money.
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Tips for Decorating Your Entryway

Get five simple tips and techniques for making what’s behind the front door more practical and pretty.
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How to Grow Plants From Seed Indoors or Outside

Starting and growing plants from seed is a great way to pass the non-growing season indoors.
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Big City to Small Town: Making the Leap

Recent moving industry studies have revealed that more people than ever are trading the big city for the more “livable” lifestyles found in suburban and rural areas.
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Friluftsliv and Hygge: How to Get Through the Long Winter Ahead

As anyone living in a four-season climate knows, winters are chillingly long, cold and grey. People run from building to car to house as quickly and efficiently as possible.
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Settling in as a Singleton: Putting Yourself out There

It’s exciting, unfamiliar and even a little scary, so keep in mind that your journey to a new place is also a journey to a different way of living, too.
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